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It’s almost summer and therefore time to pick up some festival looks.

What type of festival person are you?

Are you rather 'the flower power girl' with the soft but...


The colourful streets of Havana prove it: colour has no expiration date! The oldtimers, the monuments, the inhabitants … they are all equally dynamic and sensual, no matter how old they may be! Brightly...


How do gel nails cure? How can you avoid heat-spikes? Read everything about curing here!

Your magnificent ‘handiwork’, your professional advice: your nail salon is a true beauty haven for your clients. But does that actually mean they get their nail polish for home use there? Or is that an...


Our strongest weapon against skin aging is your biggest retail opportunity



Switch from CliniFile to Master File

As a former Clinifile user , this blog will guide you in choosing the right Master File to suit all your filing needs. 


Are you too the kind of person who starts getting excited in October already about putting up the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate on a cosy Christmas market and inhaling the scent of pine...

By Nathalie Gassion


Step by step using colourgel with powder STAMPING - 2 looks

By Sandrine Roelants


Step by step using sopolish with ART STAMPING & NAIL FOIL technique


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