ProNails South-Africa

New Collection

Rainbow Collection

Like a prism that breaks the light and creates a beautiful rainbow effect, break the rules and let your true colours shine through. Play with light, play with shades but whatever you do, don’t be plain. Why use one colour when you can rock all of these primary hues at once? And who said rainbow isn’t a colour on its own, anyway?

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PARADISO Collection

With open arms we welcome you in our pastel pink hotel of dreams where the sun is always shining, the drinks are always cold and the people can’t help but smile. 

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Good Life Collection

Good Life collection

A new sense of minimalism is arising, one that leaves room for the bare essentials only. It’s time to sift through the noise and reconnect with what truly makes you happy. 

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Glow Collection

GLOW Collection

Hop on the ProNails’ Beautystar Galactica and fast forward to an infinite hyperspace of vibrant colours and mind-blowing metallics. Let your body glow from head to toe and dip your fingertips into one of our electrifying neon-infused hues.

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