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ProNails creates top quality hand, nail and foot care products, and offers excellent training and superior business support services. We partner up exclusively with the professional beauty and nail stylist. A highly desirable brand, ProNails also develops home care products for beauty-conscious consumers – sold through salons and nail care specialists.


ProNails is a perfect match between Quality and Reliability on the one hand and Inspiration and Fun on the other. The brand is designed to combine quality to beauty, and to provide the guarantee of always being in touch with the fashionable colours & trends of today and tomorrow.


The ProNails brand* is a synthesis of individual beauty and partnership with professionals. Through continuous development, ProNails aims to become the new world-leading brand in hand and foot care, with extensive, diverse and high-end product lines for hand, nail and foot care.

*Pronails is a registered trademark of Amazing Brands NV, which has granted an exclusive licence to Professionails NV




The origins of the ProNails brand go back more than 30 years. In 1981, Catherine Claus founded the first Belgian manufacturing company specialised in the supply of professional nail care products. Strong entrepreneurship and creativity made the company grow into a leading name in the European nail care industry.

In 2009 Paul Parein took over the company dedicating himself to its future growth. Under Paul’s leadership, the company focuses on product innovation, business support, sales expansion and strategic future direction.Today the company employs around 100 people and exports its ProNails brand to 45 countries through independent distribution partners. The worldwide headquarters is located in Brasschaat, North-East Antwerp, with a subsidiary in Paris (France) .

Formerly branded “Professionails” – and today re-branded “ProNails” – the company partners up with professional nail stylists to make many consumers’ dreams come true: beautiful hands. In-depth training and quality products for nail care and strengthening such as Pro Nature, Gellak, Perfection and Sopolish are the brand’s differentiating assets. A perfect feel for fashion today and tomorrow with matching colours and great care are the brand’s added value.

The seasonal publication of our Naily News Magazine has become a true reference for beauty professionals around the world, seeking new trends, techniques and product developments. And our international training academy delivers the highest standard of education in our industry.


ProNails is that perfect match between quality, reliability, inspiration and fun. The future is bright and we are delighted to welcome you into the world of ProNails.




You, the talented beauty professional, will find in ProNails a strong and reliable partner in hand, nail and foot care. We believe quality, innovation and growth go hand in hand. We make each other stronger every day. Better. More glamorous. You and ProNails: Partners in beauty.



You, our consumer, doesn’t only deserve the best, but also the most beautiful. The most original. The most extraordinary. Or the most subtle. The most refined. The most personal. Or rather the strongest statement. Either way: you deserve to shine. And ProNails helps you to do just that.



ProNails is the trusted partner for top quality hand, nail and foot care. We offer superior support to beauty professionals. We inspire our partners and consumers with trendy high-end products that bring you radiant self-confidence and total satisfaction.




    ProNails stands for class. Elegance at any moment, and at any occasion. We do everything in style. We value respect for clients, distributors and collegues. We keep surprising, time and again. And we help and motivate others to do the same.


    ProNails loves innovation and is constantly searching for exciting new technologies in nail care. We bring quality, originality and beauty to our consumers. And we guarantee efficiency, competitiveness and market value to our professional partners.


    Creativity is a state of mind for ProNails. It’s an attitude that works inspiring. We inspire our partners and consumers. Launching trends and creating visually appealing and innovative new products is what we do best. ProNails inspires, both professionally and creatively.



    ProNails brings out the best in people. Acting crazy and having fun with colours and nail accessories. That way people experience their own limitless possibilities, and the joy this brings.


    ProNails is the integer and reliable partner for every beauty professional. We offer support and products of the highest quality. We provide excellent training programs and profound expertise. ProNails has been the reference in hand, nail and foot care for over 30 years. And that’s what we will continue to be.